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About us

                Shenzhen HighBay Lighting Technology Co., Limited,located in Guangming New District(the National Semiconductor Lighting Industrialization Base),covering 10,000 Square meters,with advance equipment and experience staffs in departments of research,development,finished production,aging and testing.

                We are a professional manufacturer specializes in led lighting products and main products include:LED flood light, LED high bay light ,LED street light,LED panel light,LED explosion-proof light, Led high-mast light ,LED emergency light,LED wall pack light,etc.

               We are sure that we are the best lighting manufacturer in led outdoor lighting field, and highbay always keeps the spirit of"To do the custormer wants and provide the professional  lightiing service for all the custormers"

              "To make the best lighting fixture, and then lighting best for you always" ,To know more about us,please login our website

led wall pack light 100W high power lighting for your courtyard 30W-50W led street light used in school hospital industrial park HB-RS595 series street light High power led high bay light with dustproof tempered glass Bridgelux 60W-100W led bay light with PC cover acrylic cover highbay small beam angle HB-FS350-150W led flood light 120Lm/W high brightness HB-FT390-150W led flood light HB-HS470-240W led workshop light led high bay light with 25 degree reflector and dustproof/waterproof tempered glss DLC Certificate HB-HM250-200w led high bay light 120 degree beam angle HB-FS408-160W led flood light HB-FM408-220w led flood light HB-TD450-160W led tunnel light 50W LED UV ultraviolet flood light 50w led flood light HB-FS290-50W 60 degree RGB led flood light HB-FS290-50W Highbay Lighting high quality 240W led street light CREE High luminous efficiency 80W led high bay light HB-FS330-300W led flood light 100W LED high bay light 200W LED flood light HB-FS330-200W 20W led flood light with PIR sonser 280w led tunnel light 50w-80W LED street light 30W-50w led street light 60w led flood light HB-FS360-60W 60W led E40 high bay light 50W E40 led high bay light 30w high power E40 LED high bay light 60w solar led street light 30 degree small angle 50w led flood light Bridgelux 50w led flood light HB-FM290-50W small beam angle HB-FS225-30W high brightness LED flood light 500w led high-mast light 400w led high mast light HB-DD320-400W small beam angle 320w led tunnel light HB-TD605-160W led tunnel light 320w large beam angle flood light HB-FS500 series 40 degree small beam angle 300w led flood light 320w led flood light HB-FS500 SERIES 180W led bay light with Acrylic transparent reflector 250W COB led high bay light CREE high power led high bay light HB-HM200 series highbay HB-RM700-120W led street light high power outdoor lighting fixture HB-RM700-100W led street light 40 degree small beam angle 180w led flood light PC reflector led high bay light HB-HS200-150w high luminous efficiency and high rendering index light high power 200w COB led flood light High brightness 30W-50W led high bay light Cree 40w led street light Highbay 10w led flood light HB-FS115-10W led high power 42W led street light HB-RM550-60W high power led street light highbay Hb-RM490-70W led street light HB-RS540-50W led street light high power and high luminous efficiency 50W led street light 30W led street light Highbay patented products:new flood light series 20W~200W high luminous efficiency 2pcs COB 100W led flood light high quality small beam angle 100W led flood light 180W UFO high bay light 30w small beam angle led flood lihgt 15 degree small beam angle 100w led flood light Highbay high quality 20w led flood light 200w high quality 3-year warranty led flood light high luminous efficiency 100W led flood light 40W-100W led tunnel light 150w high power led flood light for outdoor lighting IP65 led high luminous efficiency UFO high bay light 150W_180W_200W_240W led high power lighting UFO high bay light 150W_180W_200W led high power lighting UFO high bay light 180W high luminous efficiency led_high power lighting UFO high bay light 150W high power lighting UFO high bay light highbay high power lighting HM252-200w led UFO high bay light professional manufacturer HM252-150w led UFO high bay light Factory lighting HM320-160w led UFO high bay light die-cast aluminum HM320-150w led UFO high bay light IP65 outdoor HM252-200w led UFO high bay light factory lighting HM252-160w led UFO high bay light E40 head HM252-240w led UFO high bay light high power lighting HM252-180w led UFO high bay light high power lighting HM252-230w led UFO high bay light Highbay lighting HM252-150w UFO high bay light HM252-180w led UFO high bay light high power lighting waterproof led UFO high bay light led 60w ufo high bay light led 100w ufo high bay light 80w led high bay light